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One of the peculiarities of Delhi is that the term 'reform' is associated only with passing of laws in Parliament. In fact, the most important reforms are those needed, without new laws, at various level of the government, in work practices and procedures.
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The fault lines are shifting from the boundaries of nations into the web of our societies and the streets of our cities. And, terrorism and extremism are a global force that are larger than their changing names, groups, territories and targets.
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I come from a poor family, I have seen poverty. The poor need respect, and it begins with cleanliness.
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We walk together, we move together, we think together, we resolve together, and together we take this country forward.
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Unless and until you inspire the people, you will not get results. Imposition will never give you the results. Inspiration will always give you the results.
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My government is working for the common man. Our priority is the poor of the country. We want good governance through a dynamic and seamless government.
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I can say that out of 365 days, I manage to do yoga on at least 300 days.
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Before I became a chief minister, I never thought that one day I'd be the chief minister.
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It is my absolute belief that Indians have unlimited talent. I have no doubt about our capabilities.
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France and Germany have the manufacturing and skill base which is useful to us. France is our dependable strategic partner.
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Our country does not believe in the concept of your God and my God. We believe that all gods are one. We have different ways of accepting Him. All ways lead to Him.
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In every walk of life, you must have leaders. An education in the spiritual world, in the labor field, in the agricultural field, we must have leaders.
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When the party gives me a responsibility, I must do it with complete dedication. God has given me the ability, which I utilise to its optimum.
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When you bring in multi-brand retail items into the country, you're not just bringing the products, but you're also harming local manufacturers.
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I think I'll always be a hopeless romantic.
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I don't even drink! I can't stand the taste of alcohol. Every New Year's Eve I try one drink and every time it makes me feel sick. So I don't touch booze - I'm always the designated driver.
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I didn't love school.
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I've made mistakes in my life for sure.
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If I look at the message I'm portraying, I think it definitely is be who you are, but be your best you.
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You have to stay humble, no matter what, as easily as It's given to you, It can be taken away. Always be grateful for the opportunities that come your way.
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