Chetan Bhagat Quotes

If a father buys his child toffees instead of books for school, it may make for a happy child. But does it make a good father?  
  Thursday Thoughts   Chetan Bhagat Quotes
No statues, please. School or statue? Hospital or statue? No need to explain further.  
  Chetan Bhagat Quotes   Chetan Bhagat
Societies that value excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship and integrity do well.  
  Chetan Bhagat Quotes   Chetan Bhagat
In an Indian love marriage, by the time everyone gets on board, one wonders if there is any love left.  
  Wednesday Wisdom   Chetan Bhagat Quotes
Dont fall in love with her again, a voice within me warned. You never fell out of love with her, another voice countered with an evil laugh.  
  Happy Thursday   Chetan Bhagat
Done it. However, just prior to the teacher's arrival, someone had a brainwave. He planted a Diwali bomb with a  
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Shocked, the teacher rushed out and brought back the headmistress. Throughout the rest of the period, both of them tried to figure out who set off the bomb and gave us lectures on our rowdy behaviour.  
  Sunday Motivation   Chetan Bhagat
Dress down. Charisma comes from integrity, competence and compassion. Not from expensive clothes.  
  Wednesday Wisdom   Chetan Bhagat Quotes
This is not a story. There is no romance in here, nor are there page-turning, thrilling moments. Rather, this book is about a dream both you and I share&mdashto make India a better place.  
  Happy Monday   Chetan Bhagat Quotes
Work hard, but make time for you love, family and friends. Nobody remembers powerpoint presentations on your final day  
  Chetan Bhagat   Monday Motivation
A bad boss is like a disease of the soul.  
  Chetan Bhagat   Saturday Motivation
I think half the trees in the world are felled to make up the IIT entrance exam guides. Most of them are crap,  
  Tuesday Motivation   Chetan Bhagat Quotes
After a long time, we have had a stable mandate at the top. If the BJP blows this opportunity, it will set India back by a decade.  
  Happy Wednesday   Chetan Bhagat
In cigarettes, we have pictures of blackened lungs on the packs. But packets of potato chips dont bear the picture of an obese heart patient, right?  
  Chetan Bhagat   Sunday Motivation
Girlfriends come and go but, thank God, mothers dont break up with you.  
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Smoke is beautiful weightless and shapeless, it almost appears as deceptively powerless as the person releasing it, yet, it comes from within and rises above us all. Crap,  
  Happy Sunday   Chetan Bhagat Quotes
Girls never tell you anything straight out anyway. You have to interpolate and extrapolate their responses to figure out whats on their mind.  
  Happy Sunday   Chetan Bhagat Quotes
Is fun to see educated people shout and belittle other educated people!  
  Chetan Bhagat   Thursday Thoughts
Don't be serious , be sincere  
  Happy Tuesday   Chetan Bhagat
There are things some people can never understand.there's no point to telling them.  
  Tuesday Motivation   Chetan Bhagat Quotes