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It's not arrogance. [Tamilians] are quiet people.  
  Tuesday Thoughts   Chetan Bhagat
I thought about my [Punjabi] family. The only nakshatram we think about is the division of petrol pumps when we have to see the girl.  
  Chetan Bhagat Quotes   Sunday Motivation
When you screw someone's life, the least you can do is leave the person alone.  
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Most people who own colleges in India haven't. Stupid people go to college. Smart people own them,  
  Chetan Bhagat Quotes   Wednesday Wisdom
I feel everyone who has a chance should step out of India for a while to really see what it is like out there.  
  Saturday Motivation   Chetan Bhagat Quotes
That's what human relationships are about &ndash selective sharing and hiding of information to the point of crazy confusion.  
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Life is a bitch when the only woman you can think of belongs to someone else.  
  Happy Wednesday   Chetan Bhagat Quotes
We have no hope if we cannot prove uncle cynic wrong.  
  Wednesday Wisdom   Chetan Bhagat
Tamilians love to irritate non-Tamil speakers by speaking in Tamil only.  
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She is too intelligent to be a good daughter-in-law  
  Monday Motivation   Chetan Bhagat Quotes
Marble flooring is to a Punjabi what a foreign degree is to a Tamilian  
  Saturday Motivation   Chetan Bhagat
It is only when one writes a book that one realizes the true power of MSWord, from grammar checks to replace-alls.  
  Chetan Bhagat   Happy Monday
How can God give girls so much power ? How can they turn productive,busy and ambitious men into a wilting mass of uselessness. Page 204  
  Chetan Bhagat Quotes   Chetan Bhagat
We know we are all tarnished, so we doubt everyone else too. It is sad situation, where we need a leader but cannot really trust anyone.  
  Tuesday Thoughts   Chetan Bhagat Quotes
Life will never change we should select new things and move on  
  Thursday Motivation   Chetan Bhagat
Losers, even if they do not have a brain,have a heart.  
  Friday Feeling   Chetan Bhagat Quotes
Sometimes, when nobody is by your side, you have to become your own cheering squad.  
  Chetan Bhagat   Chetan Bhagat Quotes
New FrNdS But Keep D oLd , One iS silVer
The Other is Gold.  
  Chetan Bhagat Quotes   Chetan Bhagat
Don't quit. It will happen one day.  
  Chetan Bhagat   Wednesday Motivation
The missed call and call back drama between men and women deserves its own user mannual.  
  Chetan Bhagat Quotes   Happy Monday