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The human mind moves always forward, alters its viewpoint and enlarges its thought substance, and the effect of these changes is to render past systems of thinking obsolete or, when they are preserved, to extend, to modify and subtly or visibly to alter their value.  
  Happy Saturday   Sri Aurobindo
Suffering makes us capable of the full force of the Master of Delight; it makes us capable also to bear the utter play of the Master of Power. Pain is the key that opens the gates of strength; it is the high-road that leads to the city of beatitude.  
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Physical education for the body to be effective must be rigorous and detailed, far sighted and methodological. This will be translated into habits. These habits should be controlled and disciplined, while remaining flexible enough to adapt themselves to circumstances and to the needs of growth and development of the being.  
  Sunday Motivation   Sri Aurobindo
... for we perceive that this miraculous development is not the result of our own efforts: an eternal Perfection is moulding us into its own image.  
  Sri Aurobindo   Happy Thursday
When I had the dividing reason, I shrank from many things; after I had lost it in sight, I hunted through the world for the ugly and the repellant, but I could no longer find them.  
  Wednesday Wisdom   Sri Aurobindo Quotes
Arise, transcend Thyself, Thou art man and the whole nature of man Is to become more than himself.  
  Friday Feeling   Sri Aurobindo
If a religion is not universal, it cannot be eternal. A narrow religion, a sectarian religion, an exclusive religion can live only for a limited time and a limited purpose.  
  Sri Aurobindo Quotes   Happy Sunday
All existence is a manifestation of God.  
  Sri Aurobindo Quotes   Sri Aurobindo
A thought is an arrow shot at the truth; it can hit a point , but not cover the whole target. But the archer is too well satisfied with his success to ask anything farther.  
  Thursday Motivation   Sri Aurobindo
The fly that touches honey cannot use it's wings; so too the soul that clings to spiritual sweetness ruins it's freedom and hinders contemplation.  
  Sri Aurobindo   Sri Aurobindo Quotes
But difficulties were made to be overcome and if the Supreme Will is there, they will be overcome.  
  Wednesday Wisdom   Sri Aurobindo
Trust the divine power, and she will free the godlike elements in you and shape all into an expression of divine nature.  
  Sri Aurobindo   Sri Aurobindo Quotes
The spiritual path is one of falling on your face, getting up, brushing yourself off, turning and looking sheepishly at God and then taking the next step.  
  Sri Aurobindo   Sri Aurobindo Quotes
We cannot afford to raise any institution to the rank of a fetish. To do so would be simply to become the slaves of our own machinery.  
  Sri Aurobindo Quotes   Thursday Thoughts
Detachment is the beginning of mastery.  
  Sri Aurobindo Quotes   Wednesday Wisdom
The soul in man is greater than his fate...  
  Monday Motivation   Sri Aurobindo
The mind of an ordinary man is truly near the heart.  
  Sri Aurobindo   Saturday Motivation
Live within; be not shaken by outward happenings.  
  Thursday Thoughts   Sri Aurobindo Quotes
India of the ages is not dead nor has she spoken her last creative word; she lives and has still something to do for herself and the human peoples.  
  Thursday Motivation   Sri Aurobindo
The practice of Yoga brings us face to face with the extraordinary complexity of our own being.  
  Happy Friday   Sri Aurobindo